At Alex Paints, our passion is to transform a surface, whether a canvas or a wall, into a great source of joy and beauty. We are committed to producing art infused with a spirit of excitement and personalization. Commissioned projects will be handled with a high standard of professionalism, in appreciation of the client’s creativity and with respect for the creative process.

While at Art-4-Fun…Where enthusiastic teaching creates enthusiastic learning, we are educating children and adult students in the creation of art, appreciation and history of works of art, The Masters and much more. Currently the program is offered at St. Dominic’s School Benicia and St. Vincent's Vallejo. Art-4-Fun also offers adult painting parties, private lessons, group instruction and fulfills Girl Scout badge requirements.

Who We Are...

Currently Darlene is the Art Teacher at Holy Spirit Parochial School, Kinders-eighth grades, Fairfield, Ca. Theresa is currently teaching iconography workshops out of both the Benicia and Vacaville home-based studios. Together they collaborate on the Alex Paints business with much focus on Art-4-Fun…where our enthusiasm comes through in every lesson we teach.

What We Do...

Art-4-Fun was originally designed in 2012 to give students the opportunity to learn about art in a fun hands-on fashion while expanding extra curricular activities available to them.  It is a great addition to the art they do in school and extended care.
We can implement an art program or supplement an existing one.

What We Teach...

Our art projects are designed for students to have fun while they learn about "The Masters," both their techniques and mediums. We work in mediums such as acrylic paint occasionally mixed with salt, coffee grounds or plaster of Paris to add texture; ink tense verses water color pencils, found objects, fabrics, beads, shells, hard wood, old world egg tempera, just to highlight a few.

What kind of Art-4-Fun program are you interested in?

4 School

We take every opportunity to teach art history and appreciation as it relates to Catholicism.  One of the favorite projects K-8 students enjoy is making sugar skulls. They love hand building and applying decorations, layer after layer, to finally end up with something that no longer resembles the raw materials they started with. 

4 Kids

Explore the Alex Paints Art-4-Fun studio and gallery. Learn about mixing paint to achieve your favorite color. Become familiar with source material and how it can inspire creativity. Use your imagination to paint a picture that expresses something you feel deeply.

4 Adults

Have you always been inspired by art? Are you interested in a specific medium or technique? Maybe you just need a little guidance or the time and space to create. Either way, gather a group for a class or join one we already offer.

Parties & Events

From finger-painting using popsicle sticks, acrylic paints for thumbprints for younger kids or guided landscape painting with emphasis on color, light, shadows and composition for older kids and adults, the possibilities are endless. Let's get planning your party!

Students learn about the meaning, tradition and origin of the sugar skull and how it relates directly into our religious studies celebrating Dia De Los Muertos, (Day of the Dead and All souls Month). Geared toward the upper grades, one lesson we teach is the writing of Eastern Orthodox and Catholic Icons with Old World egg tempera on plaster, on a base of hardwood. Art-4-Fun has written Icons with middle school students bringing to life Saints and Angels such a St. Michael, St. Gabriel, St. Nicholas, St. Therese of Lisieux and many more.

Gallery of Favorites